MSC Super + Power Bank 345W,570W,1010W 5v/12v/240v

MSC 300W Power Bank
  • Premium Super + Power Bank, 345Wh, 570Wh or 1010Wh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 5v/12v-220v.
  • 4 x USB 5v, suitable for all phones and 5v Tablets, USB lights, Garmin, Go Pro etc.
  • 345Wh :4 x USB, Dual DC 12v/8A, AC 300W
  • 570Wh: 4 x USB, 1 x DC 12/8A & 1 x DC 19V/3.5A, AC 500W
  • 1010Wh: 4 x USB, 2 x DC 12v/8A, 2 x AC 1000W
  • Dual AC 220v 300W/500W/1000W  Pure Sine Inverter, International mains sockets.
  • Suitable to run Totalcool evaporative air conditioner, UAV, Ultra-Sound & Thermal Cameras.
  • A robust outer case, the rechargeable external battery would give most mobile phones 30/50 + full charges
  • Recharges from mains or our 90W/120W + Solar Panel Chargers
  • It has 'Charge through' meaning it can charge and recharge simultaneously, i.e. whilst connected to solar.
  • NB:  The Air Travel passenger regulations allow Li-Po batteries up to 100W, this is 300W or 500W
  • Retains power for months
  • 2-year warranty
MSC 500W Super power bank & Drone
MSC 500W Super power bank & Drone
MSC 300W Super power Bank
MSC 300W Super power Bank

The MSC 345W or larger 570W or 1010W are premium Super Power Banks, able to charge most portable devices with a voltage range between 5v (USB), 12v  DC (Laptops) & Pure Sine 240v AC.  It has very sophisticated inbuilt electronics to protect against over/under-charge and is suitable for charging remote control Aircraft, Drones, CPAP, Fridges etc.

The 345W/570W battery would give an iPhone 5 over 40/60 + full charges a Tablet 20/30 + and most large 19v Laptops 10 +  full charges.

Apart from the extra Capacity, the main difference with the larger 570W/1010W model is that they also have a 19V/3.5A output and higher AC output (500W)

The Premium Lithium-ion batteries mean that it has very little loss of power on transfer hold a full charge for months and should give years of reliable service. It is able to charge all phones and any other USB-charged device, including Garmin, Go Pro and electric cigarettes.

MSC 500W Super Power Bank & power tools
MSC 500W Super power Bank & MSC 90W solar
MSC 500W Super power Bank & MSC 90W solar

In common with all our power banks, it will recharge from the mains (8 hours), car auxiliary and the 90W or 120W  Folding Solar Panel. The solar panel 19v output lead connects directly to the Power Bank via the car lead.

For cooling on Boats, Motorhomes and Caravans, it is also able to run the Transcool evaporative air-conditioner.

MSC 500W Super power bank
MSC 500W Super power bank
MSC 500W & 1000W Super power banks
MSC 500W & 1000W Super power banks

Product Features

  • A choice of 93Ah/345W, 156Ah/570W or 273Ah/1010W models
  • High-performance Lithium-ion Grade 'A' Batteries
  • Multiple protection charge/discharge and overcharge/undercharge
  • 4 x USB output, 5v/2A  to charge four devices simultaneously
  • Can charge most Laptops and Notebooks and most portable devices 5v-12v
  • Inbuilt dual plug 220V 300W/500W AC inverter
  • Suitable for charging model aircraft and drones can run DC Fridges, CPAP and TV.
  • Simple 1-button operation
  • Retains power for months
  • Recharges from  mains (6 hours) or solar panel
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, iPhone, Blackberry™, Nokia™, iPad, Digital Cameras, PSP, ND, PDA, Mp3/Mp 4 player, GPS, Bluetooth, Garmin, and all other USB-charged devices. Most Portable 12v devices and AC up to 300w
  • 2 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications

MSC 345Wh :

  • Capacity: 11.1V/31.2Ah (346Wh)  3.7V/93.6Ah
  • Input Mains AC 15-30Vdc/5A max, Solar 18-30Vdc/5A max
  • USB Output 1-4 DC 5v/3A max
  • Output DC 12v : 2 x 12v/8A max
  • AC Output 300W: 220Vac/1.4A/50Hz    110Vac/2.73A/60Hz
  • Cycle life > 1000 full charge/discharges
  • Dimensions : 301 x 118 x 218mm
  • Operating temperature:-10C-+65C
  • Weight : 5kg

MSC 570Wh :

  • Capacity: 14.8V/39Ah (577Wh)  3.7V/156Ah
  • Input Mains AC 19Vdc/10A max, Solar 22-30Vdc/10A max
  • USB Output 1-3 DC 5v/3A max USB 4 (QC) : DC 5V/2a, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5
  • Output 1-2 DC 12V/8A max
  • Output 3-4 DC19V/3.5A max
  • AC Output 500W: 220Vac/2.28A/50Hz    110Vac/4.64A/60Hz
  • Cycle life > 1000 full charge/discharges
  • Dimensions : 381 x  128 x 243mm
  • Operating temperature:-10C-+65C
  • Weight : 7.5kg

MSC 1010Wh:

  • Capacity: 25.9V/39Ah (1010Wh)  3.7V/273Ah
  • Input Mains AC 32-45Vdc/8A max, Solar 32-45V/8A max
  • USB Output 1-4 DC 5v/3A max
  • Output 1-2 DC 12V/8A max
  • AC Output 1000W: 220Vac/4.55A/50Hz    110Vac/9.1A/60Hz
  • Cycle life > 1000 full charge/discharges
  • Dimensions : 408 x  164 x 273mm
  • Operating temperature:-10C-+65C
  • Weight : 11.5kg
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